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For over 35 years, Danielle kept pretty busy performing and recording jingles, publisher demos and other projects in the studio, Her 'day gig' was as a public school teacher who has enjoyed many honors, including being a Newsweek WDIV Teacher of the Year. Danielle has a Masters in Music, and a wide array of musical experiences to match her stylistic versatility.  Having worked in numerous rock bands, corporate bands, big bands, jazz ensembles and theatrical productions in all styles, Danielle Blanchard was a full time performer for many years.  She currently continues studio work, and has been having fun working with her longtime keyboard and guitar players on a pile of originals they each contribute to.   Notable career performances with numerous choral or vocal jazz greats include Ward Swingle, John Rutter, Norman Luboff, and more. 

Danielle is currently semi retired, Teaching Voice & Beginning Piano nationwide on Zoom.  She loves consulting with PRO singers who need a short series of tune ups and coaching for recording and performing projects.  She still performs in select concerts and intimate bookings as well as records for client projects.  Danielle is working to finish a bucket list project of originals she has collaborated on over the years.  Sign her Guestbook-Mailing List link to get notified when Crowdfunding pre-orders are announced.

Danielle also loves her work in Silversmithing over the past 20 years of learning.  She has been a board member of Michigan Silversmiths Guild for 12 years, has exhibited, and sold at numerous art fairs, including Ann Arbor Art Fair.  Oh yes, her latest new artist endeavor is oil painting.  Not enough hours in the day!

Although she was raised and lives in the metropolitan Detroit area, Danielle calls Chicago her second home, having lived there while working on her masters. One of her favorite things to do on break from her studies was to sit in with Chicago piano icon, Buddy Charles, at the Drake Hotel, a relationship that continued to give her great joy during every visit to Chicago. She was sitting in with Buddy when she met Erwin 'Dutch' Wenzlaff. The fact that he was a producer with Mercury Records made for some great conversations. Dutch's knowledge of all the music spots in Chicago made him the perfect guide. Along the way, Danielle discovered that Dutch was also an artist and composer. Dutch included Danielle in one of his painted murals of Chicago jazz musicians that was on display in 2 restaurant clubs. He also shared several songs with her, "Foggy Night" ending up on the JAZZ PORTRAIT CD!

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