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"Jazz Portrait Highlights Danielle's Sexy, Sultry, Voluptuous Vocals..."

This CD should come with the following WARNING: Not responsible for romantic occurences
upon listening to this CD. My favorite tracks are "Like a Lover," "Caught a Touch of Your Love,"
the sexy innuendo of "Dance With Me Slow" and her smokey blues rendition of composer
Dutch Wenzlaff's "Foggy Night." It's no wonder this CD was up for a Grammy in 3 categories
and a Detroit Music Award in 2 categories.


I've long been a fan of instrumental jazz; but I also have in my CD collection some vocal CDs by some of the greats--Ella, Billie and Louie-- as well as some modern swing bands, like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Royal Crown Revue. I'm also familiar with Danielle Blanchard, a talented vocalist from north of Detroit.  So it was a delight to find she'd released this compilation of tunes.   If anything, her voice and technique have only improved over the years, proof that, like good scotch, some things age well. 

This collection of lesser known tunes, touching a variety of musical genre from blues to jazz to bossa nova, suits her style.  And unlike many jazz vocalists, she's not afraid to let her band shine.  Unlike many compilations that sound over-produced with synthesized horns, this set comes across spontaneous, a throwback to the days when the musicians played together in the studio, laid down three takes of a track, and took the best. 

 From " Ghost of a Chance," to " Like a Lover," "Foggy Night" and "  Caught a Touch of Your Love," there is something for everyone in this fine collection.  One need not be a jazz aficionado to  appreciate good musicianship and Ms. Blanchard's unforgettable voice.  Highly recommended. 

J. Conrad Guest, author - 2011


"Even the butterflies have stopped dancing to soak up her sounds... Danielle has the ability to 
paint a picture with the way she interprets a song. She wraps the audience around every word, 
every note, and every nuance. Her interaction with her instrumental accompaniment is skillful but 
never mechanical... Most of all, she sings from the heart." 
Dutch Wenzlaff, composer & artist - 2001
(his "Foggy Night" from this album won the Billboard Songwriting Contest in the jazz category)


"Riding over all are the voluptuous vocals of singer Danielle Blanchard, who envelopes the vibrating crowd with her smoky renditions...singer's got it all--heart, soul and talent." 

Clarkston News - 2002



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